Brokerage service offers you the opportunity to place bets at the highest stakes ever! We can help you maximize the odds when the limits at your bookmaker are low. It is the best place for high rollers or high stakes bettors. The placement process is fast, simple and secure.

This service is available both on pre-match and LIVE / in-running games with a wide coverage of leagues and teams globally. Customer satisfactions is our main priority. Share your desired selection, odds and amount, and watch us accommodate amounts that are at least 10 and 20 times the market limits with minimal effect on odds.

New clients will be delighted with the stakes and odds they receive. This service is ideal for part time clients, full time professionals and syndicates. There is nothing more reliable than that all details are recorded on the Skype chat and voice recorder.

Get in touch with our account managers for more information.

Why us?

- Competitive odds
- Higher stakes without limit
- Extensive leagues coverage
- Easy. Fast. Safe. Reliable.
- Secured payment method
- 24/7 coverage.

Please note that this service may not be available in your region.